Newbie issues :)

We got a problem.

We are receiving a 503 error when trying to open files that we uploaded to IPFS, but we don’t have any issues when we try to access them through a VPN. Additionally, the NFT image is not being printed on the token when minting NFTs. What could be the reason for this? The country is Turkey.

When we refresh the page 10 times, we receive a 503 error. On the 11th attempt, it opens, but then we receive the 503 error again and the image does not load.

We have tried both nft storage and Pinata. When we retrieve the IPFS CID from the locations where we uploaded them, the images open on all gateways but IPFS io gives a 503 error. When we mint NFTs, the images do not appear.

When we integrate the IPFS created by others into the contract, NFT images are uploaded. The problem is that we cannot call the images and everything seems to be done correctly.

Node v14.18.2, visual

Welcome @Sadejon,

Are you trying to access your file by using the or HTTP gateway ? It seems to be out of service at the moment and very often gives a 503.

You can see the available HTTP gateways here, maybe use another gateway for now ? Good luck.

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thanks a lot sir :hugs: :hugs:

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