IPFS shareable links not opening on browser

I uploaded files (Images & Json) for an NFT project on IPFS about 5 months ago. We are about minting now and I tried to mint to make sure everything was in order but the files haven’t been pulled in by opensea. I went back to the IPFS desktop and tried opening the images with the shareable links there but to no avail, I then noticed that the files weren’t pinned. I pinned them but the links are still not opening. Please I would really appreciate a fast response as we are set to mint in a few hours! thanks a lot and looking forward to your replies.

Heya! Sorry you missed your minting deadline. The way IPFS Desktop works is you add the files in, and they exist on your node. So if someone tries to access the images and they can’t be found/reached from your personal node, they won’t be served, because the gateways can’t find the data.

A quick way to mitigate this would be to add nft.storage as a pinning service, and pin all of your data onto there. They have a robust setup to get your data available fast on gateways.

Good luck!

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