Broken Image - Please help

I minted an NFT on foundation, and it uses IPFS as file uploading system. NFT with an Image was successfully minted, bit image wrapped in this NFT looks like broken (like browser cannot load a picture). I try “open image in new tab” and see “503”. you can check it by yourself. Okay - haw can I fix it without reminting (I suppose this is not my mistake, because I try to upload the same picture once more time and it says like “you already minted this one”)?

Thanks for help guys! so fast!

IPFS as an organization has nothing to do with this it’s the issue of the because they can use IPFS to store the files so you should bitch to them, not to the open-source project.

also i suggest being very careful when minting the NFTs. usually you get 0% of copyright and in most of the cases the platform that sells the NFT has 100% control over the files.