How and when can we use IPFS for 10000 NFTs?!

Hi, I`m working on a project to craete 10000 NFTs. The frontend (minter) Dapp is done but without any IPFS pointing/pinning! The generating art part is also done again without using any IPFS related codes. The smart contract is also done. But what if I wanna use IPFS to store the images and the metadata and point the minter dapp/front end to it for the users to be able to mint the artworks/NFTs on our website? For all I know you don’t need to upload on IPFS. you need to be a node! but how? and how can we point the metadata to IPFS and when do we need to do that? will that be done when generating the arts and their metadata or after? could someone help please?! Thanks


I could explain how it works but i feel like it would be repeating much of the awesome information written here: so i’d advice you to have a look at that. Specially if you intent to use IPFS for NFT purposes, a good understanding of how it works would be beneficial for you.

Regarding storage. Have a look at