Nft marketplace and hash of Ipfs

what happens to the hash when you want to sell your file on an nft marketplace? Should I see this as additional/additional information? Or can the hash obtained through this be linked to cryptocurrency. Thank you for any help.

In most of the cases, the NFT contract will store the hash of the NFT’s metadata. Metadata usually contains the NFT’s name, description and the file which can be an artwork, an audio, … The file here is actually another IPFS hash.

The hashes are computed from the content (the metadata and the file) which means the same content always results in the same hash.

Since the metadata hash is stored in the contract and the contract data is stored on-chain, users can keep track of the activities on the NFT. If the owner wants to change any of NFT information, the contract must be updated with the new metadata hash and all of these transactions are recorded on the blockchain.

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Thank you very much for response. What would be more convenient to first make an Nft on eg Opensea etc. And then on Ipfs. Or vice versa. So first on IPFS and then on a marketplace. I know that artworks traded by Sotheby also use your platform.

You have to add the NFT file and metadata to IPFS first because this is the input to mint an NFT. This is a common workflow.

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