Browser not pulling Sandbox asset's IPFS image


I am building a marketplace of sorts for NFTs. The issue I have come across is the huge size of the meta in some cases. Some videos reach as large as 30 MB, on top of that, there appears to be a large delay before the media / meta gets downloaded.

As a simple example, take Sandbox’s Sandship asset. Here is the part of the meta we are interested in:


According to the docs I have read (ipfs in web browsers), we should use dweb link prefix to let the gateway do its magic, so pretending

should load the image in my browser window. Instead, it is loading it indefinitely. I assume it will fall out with the timeout error.

I am curious what I am doing wrong? And finally, what is the best way to solve this problem (of showing the NFT media in a fast and snappy way).

Thank you

When I try to ipfs get that CID, I don’t get any data, it just loads forever. Are you sure that data is being hosted on an accessible node? If the data isn’t reachable, the gateway won’t be able to retrieve the data and serve it.

you might be right. I have noticed, their ipfs meta changes sometimes. They must be serving it via a centralised API