Browser peer can't connect to Node.js peer

Hi all,

I am running js-ipfs in two peers: one runs the Node.js version and the other the browser version.

The Node.js version is installed by npm install -g ipfs. I added the following to Addresses.Swarm in ~/.jsipfs/config:


Then I started it with jsipfs daemon, which shows addresses that include this one:


The browser version is using the example exchange-files-in-browser whose public/js/app.js includes the WebRTC multiaddress above. When it’s started it shows its id as QmSAt1pnh4BajEXDUMWnkEWQDo4g5HPfP8jwnC5fMcnTUj.

Now I can do the following to let the Node.js peer connect to the browser peer:

jsipfs id QmSAt1pnh4BajEXDUMWnkEWQDo4g5HPfP8jwnC5fMcnTUj

I can see the browser peer’s id info.

But then if I add the Node.js peer’s address to the browser peer, I get this error:

Error: Could not dial in any of the transports or relays
    at dialCircuit (
    at dialCircuit (
    at nextTransport (
    at swarm.transport.dial (

Any pointers to how to connect the browser peer to the Node.js peer?

Thanks a lot!