Build ipfs from Windows 7 64 bit OS with Go1.10.2

When I try to build IPFS from Windows 7 64 bit OS with Go 1.10.2, I got following error message:

C:\Users\kevin_liao.CLEVELANDDPU\go\src\\ipfs\go-ipfs>make install
bin/check_go_version 1.10
bin/check_go_path /c/Users/kevin_liao.CLEVELANDDPU/go/src/ /c/Users/kevin_liao.CLEVELANDDPU/go/src/
installing gx v0.13.0
bin/dist_get “/ipfs/QmXtsjCX29kcdeSjrijWiFTK1qwQNW8UrEWDi8okuC2Pog” gx bin/gx-v0.13.0 v0.13.0
==> Using wget to download “” to “bin/tmp/”
–2018-05-21 16:51:15--
Resolving (…
Connecting to (||:443… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 404 Not Found
2018-05-21 16:51:16 ERROR 404: Not Found.

error: couldn’t download with wget (8)
==> Using curl to download “” to “bin/tmp/”
error: couldn’t download with curl (22)
==> Using ftp to download “” to “bin/tmp/”

Transfers files to and from a computer running an FTP server service
(sometimes called a daemon). Ftp can be used interactively.

FTP [-v] [-d] [-i] [-n] [-g] [-s:filename] [-a] [-A] [-x:sendbuffer] [-r:recvbuffer] [-b:asyncbuffers] [-w:windowsize] [host]

-v Suppresses display of remote server responses.
-n Suppresses auto-login upon initial connection.
-i Turns off interactive prompting during multiple file
-d Enables debugging.
-g Disables filename globbing (see GLOB command).
-s:filename Specifies a text file containing FTP commands; the
commands will automatically run after FTP starts.
-a Use any local interface when binding data connection.
-A login as anonymous.
-x:send sockbuf Overrides the default SO_SNDBUF size of 8192.
-r:recv sockbuf Overrides the default SO_RCVBUF size of 8192.
-b:async count Overrides the default async count of 3
-w:windowsize Overrides the default transfer buffer size of 65535.
host Specifies the host name or IP address of the remote
host to connect to.


C:\Users\kevin_liao.CLEVELANDDPU\go\src\\ipfs\go-ipfs>go version
go version go1.10.2 windows/amd64

C:\Users\kevin_liao.CLEVELANDDPU\go\src\\ipfs\go-ipfs>gx -h
gx - gx is a packaging tool that uses ipfs

gx [global options] command [command options] [arguments…]



clean cleanup unused packages in vendor directory
deps print out package dependencies
get download a package
import import a package as a dependency
diff gx diff
init initialize a package in the current working directory
install, i install this package
publish publish a package
release perform a release of a package
repo manage set of tracked repositories
update update a package dependency
version view or modify this package’s version
view view package information
set set package information
test run package tests
help, h Shows a list of commands or help for one command

–verbose print verbose logging information
–help, -h show help
–version, -v print the version


I don’t know what is wrong with my Windows 7 configuration. Can anyone give me some help? Thanks.

I guess no one helped you but did you solve it?