Trouble building go-ipfs on Linux

Hey everyone!

I’m having a little trouble building the packing from source, and I imagine it’s just something stupid that I’m doing wrong.

I believe that Go is installed correctly, and go version shows go1.12.8, which should be fine for building.

I’ve cloned the git repo into my home directory, then upon running make install, I get the following results:

λ ~/go-ipfs/ master make install
go version go1.12.8 linux/amd64
bin/check_go_version 1.12
go install  "-asmflags=all='-trimpath='" "-gcflags=all='-trimpath='" -ldflags="-X "".CurrentCommit=7973323" ./cmd/ipfs

From what I understand, after building from source I should have an ipfs executable at go-ipfs/cmd/ipfs/dist/ (the same location as Unfortunately, I currently have no such executable. Did I read the docs incorrectly? Should I be looking somewhere different? Or has something actually just gone wrong with the build?

Any help would be much appreciated, I’m excited to get started! Thanks!