How to use most recent version from source code?

Hi all,

I hope to compile ipfs from source code, because last released version still have memory leakage. I notice it has been fixed in the master branch.

But following commands from readme file of go-ipfs not produce a runnable binary.

$ go get -u -d        

$ cd $GOPATH/src/             

$ make install

New to go-lang.

Do you get any error when running make install? Also, where’s your $GOPATH pointing to?

No Error,
“$GOPATH = ~/go/”

Assuming you’re on *nix (Linux, Mac etc.), make install should put the resulting binary under ~/go/bin/ipfs. Have you checked to see if it’s there?

Thanks! it is there, I thought it will be installed in /usr/bin/ or /usr/local/bin.

That’s where the install script from the prebuilt packages attempts to put the ipfs binary, not where the binary gets created when you build from source.