How and where do I run "$ go install"

Hi, I’m new to all of this stuff.
I’ve read the instructions on how to install ipget, but I do not understand how and where do I run $ go install I’ve tried to run it in powershell and also using command prompt, but it doesn’t work and I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to run it there, but I also have no idea where else I’m supposed to run it.
My operating system is windows, so I can’t use brew. I tried chocolatey but it’s not in their sources.
I also don’t understand how and where I’m supposed to run commands like $ ipget QmQ2r6iMNpky5f1m4cnm3Yqw8VSvjuKpTcK1X7dBR1LkJF/cat.gif -o nyan.gif if I do get ipget installed.
I have already downloaded a zip file from IPFS Distributions, it contains a file names Install and another named ipget and I tried running both but nothing happens.
If someone knows, please help.
Thank you.

Hello! @willow0217

Maybe you do not install golang for your windows. If you never use golang, you don’t need to install go and use this command go install It just help you install the Binary release of ipget in the $GOBIN (environment variable).

If you want to have a try, first install go and restart your computer.

If you want to run command in windows, you can use win+R and type powershell or cmd or download windows terminal.

when you run ipget xxx, it will find environment variable if it record the path of ipget.exe, you should add this path to environment variable(google “Set Environment Variable in Windows”).

Or you can simply cd path-to-ipget.exe in to the path of executable file you just download from IPFS Distributions, and type ./ipget.exe QmQ2r6iMNpky5f1m4cnm3Yqw8VSvjuKpTcK1X7dBR1LkJF/cat.gif -o nyan.gif

the only for unix Operating Systems

win+R, type powershell

cd path-to-ipget.exe, replace path-to-ipget.exe to your path to ipget.exe

type ./ipget.exe QmQ2r6iMNpky5f1m4cnm3Yqw8VSvjuKpTcK1X7dBR1LkJF/cat.gif -o nyan.gif