Building a Secure Activist Membership Management Tool on IPFS


There are many Free / Open Source and Commercial / Closed Source Membership Management apps around. These vary in sophistication and cost - but the more sophisticated ones are all client-server based. They may be protected via SSL but a single point of failure (hacking / gov access) on a DB server is unacceptable for the situation I am thinking of.

The membership needs to consist of groups of up to about 10 people each - who all know each other within the group and can communicate with other local groups using post/zip codes via some Zero Knowledge mechanism eg Group 1 might be planning an demonstration about water polution in the local creek and they want support from nearby groups (PCs) but will go ahead with the demo even if they don’t get any extra support.


What I am thinking is:

  • A joining / updating / mailing app exists on IPFS which when started from a browser has access to
  • A table which exists on IPFS and which consists of a list of post / zip codes (PC) which indicates a group exists for each particular postcode listed
  • Separate group files which are encrypted plain text files consisting of up to 10 lines each with a key corresponding to the PC and three fields for each person in the group for Member Number, Name and Email address.

The app should be able to:

  • Create a new PC group (eg the first one in PC 1234 would be 1234-0)
  • Add the PC to the PC table
  • Send a note to the group contact (Member 0) for that PC with an email address and a request for that new member to be added if the group has lest than 10 members
  • Receive an email from a group contact to send to other nearby PC groups

I know this is very sketchy but if there is any interest the idea could be expanded upon but the idea is that the membership list is secure and the app cannot be mailciously taken down . .


No-one got any suggestions about this idea?


So if i understand, you have use cases where you thinking IPFS can propose a solution and you need to find developper to develop that , rigth ?


Pretty much yes - if we can design something that is viable - from security point of view and financiall for me . .

i think that’s can be a good project :+1: IMO the first big point to need to clarify is how to create a apps can be decentralize and easy to permit join quickly a group. Quickly i think for example you can use on smarphone a qr code your newer member flash that fill name and email submit and your local app save that on ipfs. after for the encrypt part i’m not expert.

Interesting idea! Thanks!