Built first IPFS site,

I’m loving the ease of use, especially the publishing aspect. (I never could figure out how to publish a Zite, and python seems to be not deploying at the moment.)

I was wondering, when you publish a file that ends in .rb, does that take you to a page where you download the Ruby file, or does it actually run the ruby script in question?

For while, I’ve been a roguelike developer, but it seems like unless I made one in HTML (clunky), it seems like whether on IPFS or regular HTTP, it seems to default to sending you to the download page?

I thought I’d ask, as I’d rather avoid the effort of making an IDE if I can avoid it.

(Although to be fair, an IDE on IPFS would have its own benefits.)

In short, no. IPFS is a filesystem and https://ipfs.io/ipfs/ is an http gateway to this filesystem.

However, you actually can write video games in HTML + JavaScript.

Note: IPFS is not a web publishing platform. While files retrieved through https://ipfs.io may be cached for a short period of time, they aren’t stored there. You’ll need to keep a copy of the files you want to make available on the network on some online IPFS node to ensure that they remain retrievable.

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Thanks a bunch! That really helps.