Iframe and ipfs?


Can I serve dynamic content on IPFS blockchain domain from another website I own through iframe and have the same functions?

Im asking this since is not possible to serve dynamic content and build a php website on IPFS.



no we can’t serve php script on php? you can persist your php script on IPFS but you cannot serve this on IPFS. But that’s permit to move your project between two servers.


Hey, I didn’t understand very well the answer. So if I do iframe to my gaming website it won’t work on IPFS?

IPFS cannot serve php file but is your game is code in javascript you can use ipfs directly on IPFS. imagine IPFS is like cdn decentralize. is not a web server like nginx.

Actually the game is going to be JavaScript and html. Also the iframe is html code and as far I know both are accepted.

However the game requires registration and the database is php. Users will be able to register and play?

For registration you can check that :


IPFS can only serve static content, the best you can do is have a static HTML/CSS/JS client served via ipfs that can connect to a server and render the responses from the server.

For an example of this, look at https://ipfs.io/ipns/riot.swedneck.xyz