Trying to build a bitcoin casino on ipfs

Hey community,

I am trying to build a bitcoin casino on the ipfs infrastructure.

The script from the original developer is made with this languages

|Files Included|JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP|
|Software Framework|Laravel|
|Software Version|PHP 7.x|

Is it possible to be builded?

Im gonna need to convert everything to html?

Which of this is compatible with the ipfs?


You must ditch using php or any server side specific functionality if you are planning to use IPFS entirely for the website. HTML, JS, CSS should work without issue.

Not entirely true, you can use Libp2pStreamMounting for client-server communications. :slight_smile:

You are correct. However, impractical when viewing the site via a gateway on a common web browser. It also defeats the purpose of being completely serverless. For libraries and large sized content, IPFS works great for load distribution.

Works fine, you just have to use the js client to connect to the IPFS, when the page loads over a gateway.

Takes obviously longer, than using a local client. :slight_smile:

Luckypig never specified that he wants to get rid of the server. :slight_smile:

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The JS client needs to have a direct websocket connection to the IPFS node hosting
the Libp2pStreamMountingg unless a p2p circuit can be established over publically available websocket endpoints.

Yeah there are limitations. But you have to start somewhere…

I’m not very familiar with the JS client, except that I know it exists.