Built on IPFS - Pollinations.ai is an effort to make generative art more approachable

Hey IPFS community,

We are building pollinations to make AI-generated art more accessible. Pollinations.AI is hosting generative AI notebooks on IPFS and committing the resulting artwork back to the IPFS node.

Please give it a try if you have some time!

Pollinations is also an open-source project and we are always looking for motivated contributors both in terms of ideas & code.

[Github] - https://github.com/pollinations/pollinations

[Website] - https://pollinations.ai/

Now we need some help on some open points if anyone can direct us in the direction,

  • How to secure the IPFS node generally?
  • Currently, we are hosting our own IPFS node.
  • We have a frontend that needs to put new data into this IPFS node.
  • We don’t want to create a middleware.
  • How can we stop people from putting random stuff into our IPFS node?
  • Does using browsers as IPFS nodes make sense?
  • Can we completely decentralize our storage with this method?
  • How about storing the generated artwork in indexeddb’s of users?

Also we are open for any other suggestions. Currently, we are slowly switching our development effort to UX.

Happy pollinating!