Communecter distributed on IPFS , is it utopic or can it happen?

we are a small team of devs working on an open source societal network, it’s a bit like a territorial Local wikipedia for local actors
we are thinking of making a smaller but distributed version that will get nodes to connect and interact with each other and also with
we’ve had an eye on IPFS since the beginning and now we might have an opening to start experimenting something
I’d like to expose and present the idea to someone or somemany , to help us take some decisions
I’d be glad to talk about it, in order to launch this experiment early & get something out there this year
Thanks for all the great work at ipfs !!
PS : It could be a great place to collaborate as a potential contract project, offcourse it would need to be clearly specified etc , let’s talk , everything is possible

hi @oceatoon , perhaps ping the folks on about your project. They can probably point you to useful people/funding opportunities etc.

Thanks Hector , I thought they might be around here
I’ll do that thanks