IPFS user group munich?

I would be curious if there is somebody here that would be interested in an IPFS user group / meetup in Munich, Germany.

We are heavy users of IPFS at actyx.io, and we could probably provide some rooms and interesting talks, e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EscG2aytq10 .

I was thinking that for a first meeting we could do an informal biergarten meeting and maybe an install party.

I didn’t know you were based in Munich. That’s really cool. I’d surely be in.

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OK, I have started a meetup group and created a github issue on ipfs/community.

I will be on holiday soon, so I guess the first meetings would have to be in the fall. It is probably best to start with something like how to setup your own node and host static content.

Thanks for linking that talk here!

Very interesting and nice to see how ppl use IPFS (or IPLD fo that matter) in production systems! :clap: