Announcements: IPFS Conf, Developer Meetings for IPFS & libp2p and a User Registry

by flyingzumwalt on 2018-05-19

We’re very excited to announce two events that have been in the making for a long time. In (tentatively) November we will host a public IPFS Conf in Lisbon. To prepare for that event, in July we will convene small IPFS and libp2p Developer Meetings in Berlin. All of these events will be loosely inspired by PyCon and Docker Conf — events where community members play a very active role in shaping the agenda, and where a large portion of time is allocated to working meetings where Working Groups and product teams make the most of being together in-person.

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when a event in France ?

expect to join in and communicate

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Fill the form~ (╹ڡ╹ )

@josselinchevalay There are IPFS Meetups around the world. Have there been any in France? Do you want to organize one?

Hi! Tried to open the “pre-registration form” for the IPFS Conf, but it only directs to a site saying “You need permission. This form can only be viewed by users in the owner’s organization. Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake.”

Thank you for reporting this bug @Rjan and @JD1234. I had missed a hidden checkbox in the configuration of the form. I’ve fixed it now so you don’t need a google account to pre-register.

@JD1234 I look forward to the day when we have reliable, easy to use distributed alternatives to tools like Google Forms. All of us on the IPFS project are working hard at building the protocols, data structures, and primitives that we need to make this possible.

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Thanks for your response, and sorry that I expressed my disappointment so passionately. I just hoped that the use of golang would be the full extend of Google’s reach into this project.

Hey hey! First, thank you @flyingzumwalt and everyone who’s been working hard to finally make this happen! :heart: Super excited for the first IPFS Conf and very much looking forward to it :smile:

On the second page of pre-registration form (for the Lisbon event), there are two small bugs: the dropbox has “Option 3” as the third option and the checkboxes below it have “Accommodation in Berlin” (whereas the title clearly says “Lisbon”).

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@flyingzumwalt i will see today to create a group on meetup about IPFS on paris.

I live in Berlin, but I’m definitely not eligible. So have fun, guys! And enjoy the city. :slight_smile:

So excited for the november conference, pre-registered for it :smiley:

I also registered, I am Tang Xueyan, and how should I invite my partner to join the forum to get the invitation badge?

Thanks a lot for doing this. Really looking forward to the conference. Will there be a separate call for speakers?

I have created one entry of the user registry and registered for both events. Is there a way to edit the form after submission?

I would have expected to get some kind of email confirmation with a link to edit the response.

Yes there will be a separate call for speakers for IPFS Conf. FYI: I’ve re-configured the forms to send submission receipts and allow editing after submission.

I had already registered the form ,please review and check,best wish to this Meeting


Folks, could you clarify when applications will be reviewed? Just need to plan a trip.

Agreed! Please let us know asap.

thanks for sharing
saim malik