IPFS and distributed web conferences

I would like to get to know the IPFS community and share my experiences about about how we use IPFS at actyx. What conferences or other events in Europe would you recommend to attend?

I saw that some IPFS developers go to FOSDEM 2018 here. Unfortunately I think I won’t be able to make it there. What other conferences would be useful?

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We’re putting together some talks for an event in Colorado in August. I would love to explore the idea of doing something in Europe as well.

Info on Distrubuted Consensus USA can be found at discon.io. If you would like to see an European event please let us know :drooling_face:

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Is there a call for speakers? I got something related to IPFS and IoT that I would love to talk about this year. However it has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies.

Well, I would love to see something in Europe. Several people from actyx.io would definitely attend.