IPFS 14-17 July in Amsterdam?

Hi, I saw from a Youtube presentation that there was planned a meetup/conference in Amsterdam 13-17 July. I cant find any info on it. Is that correct? Is it open for the community?

That would be IPFS Camp… it will be an open conference, but things are quite open yet so not much info to find. More details will be announced when possible I guess.

Alright awsome. Any ETA on the info? Or is it 100%? Planning a trip with some other “buisness” and would really like to join but would be nice to know if it’s on. Appriciate any info. Peace :slight_smile:

Unrelated to IPFS Camp: @primeid in case it is of interest, this is another workshop that takes place a few days before and has lots of IPFS-related material: DINPS 22. You can check a preliminary version of the programme here: Programme | DINPS 22