Can a cluster node connect to multiple IPFS

I want to connect to multiple IPFS use a cluster node, In order to support for multiple .ipfs directories on different hard drives

I don’t belive that possible (it might be I’m not sure), however you can trivially just run multiple cluster nodes (one per IPFS node).

IPFS-cluster nodes are very light and doesn’t do much it likely cost you mostly nothing.

Also I would argue that a shaky setup, I don’t know your details but in most multiple harddrive setups, RAID and a single node is much more easy and resilient.

Thanks, RAID is a good choice!

BTW if you do raid.
Avoid linux multi-disks, it’s not the best at random access (what IPFS do most of the time).

ZFS is better most of the time (also ZFS has checksumming feature and will notice corruptions correctly, unlike linux-md which just rebuilds the array).