IPFS Cluster and local nodes

Is the following scenario possible to configure and implement?

I’d like to create an IPFS Cluster of let’s say 10 instances hosted on a cloud e.g. Digital Ocean, Azure, etc. Also, there will be multiple IPFS nodes that will run on an infinite number of computers. These IPFS nodes should communicate with the configured cluster on the cloud for getting contents pinned. Do I need to run the IPFS cluster service and its CLI on the computers? How can I make the IPFS cluster on the cloud trust the IPFS nodes on those computers?

I’m going to assume you mean on a unknown but large number of nodes.

Are you saying you’d like to run your cluster as a pinning service?

What computers do you mean when you say “on the computers”? You’ll obviously need to run the cluster service on your cluster but you might on your nodes depending on exactly what you’ll be doing but for a simple case, no you don’t. You’d need it if you wanted to run a collaborative cluster. (I think that’s what they call them). Basically a mirror.

There isn’t really any trust involved. Each node will only host what you tell it to host. You may be referring to a private cluster where only members of the private cluster can communicate with each other.

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