How to ensure that added files are pinned across all nodes in a private cluster

I would like to use IPFS within my organisation to store files. One of the main benefits is in-built redundancy, so that if a particular node goes down, the files are still available on other nodes.

Is there a way to configure IPFS so that when a file is added to one node, it is automatically pinned on other nodes, so that I can be confident that there is always more than one copy of a file, on a single server?

You might want to look at ipfs-cluster for this.

But if you want to be 100% sure that some coment is provied by somebody, you can also check that the Peer ID of your nodes appear in the list of nodes that are providing that content. You can get that by running from your shell:

ipfs dht findprovs Qm...XYZ