Can I save multiple images to one url or is there a subfolder system in IPFS

Am designing a game with cats as NFTs characters. Is it possible to save multiple images and reference them with one url? Or is there a subfolder system?

Yes, a simple example:

echo "Hello" > file1
echo "World" > file2
ipfs add file1 file2
# cids are QmY9cxiHqTFoWamkQVkpmmqzBrY3hCBEL2XNu3NtX74Fuu and Qma9CyFdG5ffrZCcYSin2uAETygB25cswVwEYYzwfQuhTe
ipfs files mkdir /exampledir
ipfs files cp /ipfs/QmY9cxiHqTFoWamkQVkpmmqzBrY3hCBEL2XNu3NtX74Fuu /exampledir/file1
ipfs files cp /ipfs/Qma9CyFdG5ffrZCcYSin2uAETygB25cswVwEYYzwfQuhTe /exampledir/file2
ipfs files stat /exampledir
# cid returned  of directory containing both files QmVTMdyNvUX3TAPdLcu7NoBLGKzdsqrTU53EPQhZoTFCkT

I hope this helps :rocket: