WEEK 5 QUESTIONS | May 3 - May 9, 2021

WEEK 5 QUESTIONS | May 3 - May 9, 2021 (times are in EST)

Week 5 is here! I’ve attempted to highlight interesting or common questions. This week has been interesting, we’ve had some users surprised by 0 peers in their go-ipfs installs! Overall though as usual we have a few interesting unique questions :thinking:.


ppmSilver asked “Go-ipfs no peer connections” (Forum - 10:48 May 8)

after starting ‘ipfs daemon’ I have zero peer connections.


This issue seems to have popped up a lot last week! Ultimately one of the IM conversations turned into this issue. I wonder if the random 0 peer issues people are having are related, and what’s causing it :thinking:.

I haven’t marked it as resolved because while there is a workaround, users have reported deleting the IPFS directory causes the issue to return.

Altaergo asked “Can I save multiple images to one url or is there a subfolder system in IPFS” (Forum - 00:45 May 3) :white_check_mark:

Am designing a game with cats as NFTs characters. Is it possible to save multiple images and reference them with one url? Or is there a subfolder system?


Using MFS you can easily create directories, add your CIDs to them with human-readable names, and then share them! A simple example:

echo "Hello" > file1
echo "World" > file2
ipfs add file1 file2
# cids are QmY9cxiHqTFoWamkQVkpmmqzBrY3hCBEL2XNu3NtX74Fuu and Qma9CyFdG5ffrZCcYSin2uAETygB25cswVwEYYzwfQuhTe
ipfs files mkdir /exampledir
ipfs files cp /ipfs/QmY9cxiHqTFoWamkQVkpmmqzBrY3hCBEL2XNu3NtX74Fuu /exampledir/file1
ipfs files cp /ipfs/Qma9CyFdG5ffrZCcYSin2uAETygB25cswVwEYYzwfQuhTe /exampledir/file2
ipfs files stat /exampledir
# cid returned  of directory containing both files QmVTMdyNvUX3TAPdLcu7NoBLGKzdsqrTU53EPQhZoTFCkT

proletarius101 asked “If I need to publish contents and avoid gc, I have to pin them, right?” (#ipfs - 13:42 May 5) :white_check_mark:


You can actually accomplish this using MFS! In fact, with MFS it’s much easier to organize your long-term data with human readable names and directories. When you use IPFS Desktop, or the companion app, the directory structure on the files tab is in fact your MFS. Pinning works too of course, either a pin or MFS will protect you from the GC.

0x​:atm: asked (Discord - 2:05 May 8) :white_check_mark:

Hi, is there a JS API that I can update the ipfs hash to IPNS? I’ve tried to use ipfs.name.publish(addr) but could not access the data via https://gateway.ipfs.io/ipns/NAME not sure what else I need to do for it, appreciate for any hint or help


Currently ipfs-http-client is the best way to accomplish this. There’s a nice example available here.

wings asked “how many pins can you plausibly do?” (#ipfs - 08:35 May 9)

can I do 1.6 million pins given sufficient resources on a single machine?
as in 64 cores, 256G RAM, 32TB nvme ssds


I wouldn’t have any idea how to answer this. If anyone has data on pinning massive datasets, that’d be interesting to look at!

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