WEEK 7 QUESTIONS | May 17 - May 23, 2021

WEEK 7 QUESTIONS | May 17 - May 23, 2021 (times are in EST)

Week 7 is here! :tada: I’ve attempted to highlight interesting or common questions. This week I found a couple interesting unanswered questions. I’ve also included a long one about how to reliably make content available in-browser using js-ipfs, and a StackOverflow question asking about symbolic links in MFS.


unbeatable-101 asked “I cannot browse my files from the IPFS app” (forum - 20:06 May 19)


I wonder what caused this. I’m assuming a configuration change of somesort :thinking:.

nickreserved asked “When file added?” (forum - 16:32 May 19) :white_check_mark:


As far as I know such a feature doesn’t exist … yet, you’d have to implement tracking in your own application. zacharywhitley points out there’s a bounty for a similar feature, too:


BnMcGn asked “IPFS: Symbolic links in MFS” (StackOverflow - 17:24 May 14)

Is there a symlink equivalent for IPFS’s Mutable File System? For example, if I have a file:


and I copy it another folder:

ipfs files cp /source/file.txt /reference/file.txt

the two files will refer to the same object. If I make a change to /source/file.txt the copy in /reference/file.txt will still point to the old version. Is there a good way to make it point to the current version of the file in /source/ ?

I could keep track of all the copies and update them whenever I change the original, but that doesn’t sound fun. I could also store the string “/source/file.txt” in /reference/file.txt and manually dereference each time I want to access the file. Better, but still cumbersome. Are there any other options?


This feature sounds really useful. Does anyone know if it exists? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen others looking for this too :thinking:.

novaknole asked “How to upload file to IPFS with only front-end” (forum - 14:00 May 14) :white_check_mark:

There are many more questions after this too!


This is a lovely thread. Effectively they want to be able to ensure their files being added via js-ipfs are reachable, and we go step-by-step into how. zacharywhitley suggested using the IPFS Pinning Service API, and that really kicked off progress :tada:.