Can someone help me go through the coding to install IPFS for Mac?

So far, I got past the first step and now I’m at:

Downloads myname$ tar go-ipfs_v0.4.13_darwin-amid64.tar.gz
List: tar -tf
Extract: tar -xf
Create: tar -cf [filenames…]
Help: tar --help

What do I do next?

It’s the prebuilt package, doesn’t help that much.

That’s not the command. From the link you provided, the commands are.

  1. tar xvfz go-ipfs.tar.gz
  2. cd go-ipfs
  3. ./

After this, you should be able to use ipfs from the command line.

No, it doesn’t work. See what problem I came across when I did that:

@elaineyumusic Make sure you are using the correct file name (note the difference between amd64 and amid64 above). I just successfully replicated the IPFS installation procedure on macOS 10.13.3:

Katja:Downloads machawk1$ which ipfs
Katja:Downloads machawk1$ tar xvfz go-ipfs_v0.4.13_darwin-amd64.tar.gz 
x go-ipfs/build-log
x go-ipfs/
x go-ipfs/ipfs
x go-ipfs/LICENSE
x go-ipfs/
Katja:Downloads machawk1$ cd go-ipfs
Katja:go-ipfs machawk1$ ./
Moved ipfs to /usr/local/bin
Katja:go-ipfs machawk1$ which ipfs
Katja:go-ipfs machawk1$ ipfs
  ipfs - Global p2p merkle-dag filesystem.

  ipfs [--config=<config> | -c] [--debug=<debug> | -D] [--help=<help>] [-h=<h>] [--local=<local> | -L] [--api=<api>] <command> ...


I get an error again for some reason.

There might be some kind of permissions issue.

Try sudo tar xvfz go-ipfs_v0.4.13_darwin-amd64.tar.gz. If you get any permissions errors for the next two commands, try putting sudo before those too.

I get that same error when I try to run the command on a non-existent file, e.g.,

$ tar xvfz nonExistentFile
tar: Error opening archive: Failed to open 'nonExistentFile'

Try this:

$ wget
$ tar xvfz go-ipfs_v0.4.13_darwin-amd64.tar.gz
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I get ‘-bash: wget: command not found’ when I type that in.

macOS doesn’t have wget by default.

Try this:

$ curl -o ipfs.tar.gz
$ tar xvfz ipfs.tar.gz

brew install ipfs

Simply works for me.


I suggest, as well, to use brew! More here:
brew install ipfs