Noob question: installation on MacOS

System: MacOS 10.13.03
I’ve downloaded IPFS to my downloads folder. It seems to unzip “automagically”. I’ve tried dragging both IPFS and to my applications folder and then run from command line. However, that doesn’t yield the desired result (command not found).

What am I doing wrong? Apologies for the level of the question. I realize this software is probably a bit to advanced for me, but my curiousity got the best of me.

Maybe it’s better to try out which is a desktop application for running a IPFS node. Should be a lot easier to get up and running with.

Go to and download “IPFS.Desktop-0.3.0.dmg”, double-click to open and move the “IPFS Desktop” application to your applications, then run it.

Thanks for the tip. Running it right now!

Weird, installation went fine (After trusting the developer).
I launch the program
The IPFS icon briefly appears
And then disappears.
It is visible in activity monitor

But I can’t switch to it when hitting cmd tab.
What am I doing wrong?

ah, maybe a small notification would have been nice. But it seems to work.

Maybe @hacdias knows if that disappearing/appearing is on purpose or if it’s a bug in ipfs-desktop.

I don’t think it was a technical issue. I just didn’t expect the application to minimise to top of the screen without a warning.

Hello! :slight_smile: Hope you enjoy using IPFS Desktop. When you launch it, it will just start running the Menubar application. Thus, you need to click on the status icon to open it.