Can we create application which run on android or MCU based on IPFS?

1st time to study IPFS, hope getting some advice.
I want to build a application to broadcast sound/video/picture files to people blocked by national firewall,China,for example.
I have seen a app related to this subject, but, it seems running on PC/powerfull terminal, for dictator will try to destroy this kind of app with national source, they own cyber-army, and most people are not professional on IT security, there are spy softwares resided in their PC, cyber-army/police actually can monitor people’s PC, and stop the software connecting to outside. So, I don’t think app on PC is the right choice.
Today,mobile owned by everyone(almost), that is the right target to deploy app, and the resouce of mobile is limited, cyber-army is limited by the shortage too.
1)the end user is not professional on IT;
2) dictator will track & try to locate the app;
3) just broadcast static media: sound/video/picture/text;
4) update 1 time per day acceptable;
5) 50M volume per day is the bottom.

What I think:

  1. tiny separate electronic equipment powered with WiFi + Bluetooth;
  2. running on MCU;
  3. send & receive through WiFi(widely deployed,cooperate with mobile hotspot)
  4. playback by mobile through Bluetooth (WiFi?)
  5. upgrade firmware on the fly;
  6. limit the transferring speed,disperse workload in whole day,hide whereabouts;

What I want is just providing FACT for people.
It doesn’t take a lot of traffic to transmit the FACT.
So it is possible to realize it with MCU.
Cyber-army can trace into mobile OS, but it is hard to trace into application running on naked MCU, the possible way is to identify data features based on data flow on mobile.

But, looks like IPFS don’t support MCU platform.
If impossible, any other tools?

Too big for MCU.