Some questions about ipfs application

We are considering IPFS or filecoin based search technology. Because IPFS is based on hash content addressing, and the data is fragmented, is there a feasible solution for the search engine to facilitate data lookup?
We are also planning mobile phone-based ipfs applications. Currently, the IPFS protocol does not support 3G or 4G mobile communications. Why? Is there an update plan for this part? In addition, can the mobile phone performance support the filecoin node program running?
How ipfs-based applications and storage are compatible with filecoin networks? While ipfs is free to store, filecoin is an incentive for network optimization. How can ipfs applications be deployed and used on more optimized filecoin networks?
Thank you!

I believe you’re misunderstanding what IPFS is. IPFS is not a storage network like filecoin. When you “add” data to IPFS, it will only be added to your local machine (and then announced to the network).

IPFS facilitates consistent data naming and transfer (like HTTP, Bittorrent, etc.). That is, I can add some files to my IPFS instance, give a friend the name of these files, and they can subsequently fetch then from my ipfs instance over the IPFS network.