Doubt about IPFS

let’s say i wanna build ecommerce website
Should I upload the whole website to ipfs, or just image or image description and price?
What is the best approach?
is some way through which I can upload the image faster by spending extra tokens or gas like we have on ethereum?
:point_up_2:t2:can i provide these parameters(to change the gas fee) while sending a request?
As multiple peers store the data and they get incentives for storing the data. what token do they get?

IPFS is not a blockchain. IPFS is not a persistent storage system. There is no gas/token.

IPFS is a protocol for decentralized naming, storing, and distributing files.

  • When you “add” a file to IPFS, you add it to your local node and tell the network that you have this file.
  • When you “fetch” a file from IPFS, your local node downloads this file and makes it available.

Other nodes on the network won’t replicate your file unless that node’s owner explicitly chooses to do so.