Can we use ipfs for big data like hdfs?

I have an idea for a thesis on how to optimize the big data architecture using blockchain / IPFS, and analyze the data using smart contracts, is it possible to do?

Netflix is using IPFS for pushing software update: New improvements to IPFS Bitswap for faster container image distribution | IPFS Blog & News

Some guy tried and succeeded a long time ago:

Hope it helps.

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thank you for the reply and the thesis document that you have included is very helpful for me.

I see the thesis that they are working on combining ipfs and hdfs, where ipfs as storage and hdfs in this context is map reduce as processing.

what I want to do is how ipfs optimizes hdfs, ipfs as data storage as well as data processing with the help of smart contracts. I expect faster runtime performance, and higher availability


Hi! I’m David Aronchick and I’m co-director of Research Development at Protocol Labs.

We’ve been thinking about this problem as well - I’d love to hear your thoughts if we’re going in the right direction! GitHub - filecoin-project/bacalhau