Cannot find file through ipfs gateway

when I run a ipfs desktop, I commit my file use this tool,And I can visit this file through hash in my local network,But I cannot visit my file through gateway or other gateway
what’s the wrong?
how long and how would this dht be updated

What do you mean by I commit my file (what is your command) ?
And this could be explained in a lot of ways :

  • overloaded
  • your computer is running behind a walled nat.
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nat network cannot be found in ipfs?

I just use ipfs Desktop to upload my file,and then pin my file

It depends, if your router support upnp it’s fine, if not you should try to enable autorelay (will ask other node to relay your connections).

(without upnp or manual port openning it’s impossible for external nodes to contact your node)

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I can find this website by as below:
But I cannot get through as ipfs gateway

If you want to do a manual port forward (forward the port on your router).
You can follow this How to add external IP to IPFS swarm announcing list :).