Cannot import to IPFS, import fails at some point

I have compiled go-ipfs from source in Windows 10 and I started the daemon and the WebUI.

However, when I am trying to import two large folders in the picture shown, the first 18% went normally however right after 18% it showed two big red crosses.

I have seen in the browser console in WebUI that the main POST request to the API endpoint /api/v0/add failed with NS_BINDING_ABORTED and the console outputs the error Uncaught (in promise) TimeoutError: Request timed out and the import fails although trying again and again.

My WebUI version is v2.12.3 and I am using the go-ipfs main branch at commit 041de2aed1a3a55d2897b02fea3bdc823b394cb1 .

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

Try adding them using the command line

  $ ipfs add -r --quieter --pin=false <your file>
  # ...
  # ... outputs the root CID at the end
  $ ipfs cp /ipfs/<CID> /your/desired/mfs/path

OK I’ll try that and I will tell you if it works

by the way, do you mean ipfs files cp? because there is no ipfs cp command

It works! Thank you very much!

Yes, that is what I meant

Glad to help!