File Upload on Windows Failed

The file upload on Windows failed and produced the following error:
“Failed to add files to IPFS. Please try again”. The developer console in chrome is showing the error to be API related. A gif/video is attached to show how to reproduce the issue.


Hello, the GIF is super small. Is this IPFS Desktop? What error is the console showing?

Hi Hector,
Sorry, not sure why the gif shrunk after I uploaded it. There is a link to the original video I just uploaded to youtube at the bottom of this email (I tried to attach it to the email but was rejected due to email file size restrictions).

This was IPFS Desktop on a roughly 1 year old 64 bit Asus laptop running windows 10.

The error message on the screen was:

“Failed to add files to IPFS. Please try again”

The error message in chrome console was:

“Error: API returned a partial response at actions.js 206…”

I tested the same file upload process with IPFS desktop on a Linux (Debian) and Mac laptop, which worked flawlessly.

Please let me know if you would like any additional info or have trouble viewing the video. Thanks and I’m a big fan of the IPFS protocol/desktop tool, great work! - Adam

Youtube Video Link:

I should add that I just tested this on an HP Windows 10 desktop and the file upload works using IPFS Desktop. I can just use the app on my other computers for now but not sure what triggered the issue. I can upload more detailed system information on the windows laptop with the API error as well if desired/needed. Thanks again.

That seems like the WebUI used from a browser (?). Same version works for me. I am not sure if perhaps there is an issue with the underlying IPFS daemon which perhaps is not running, or is old?

@tulaneadam21 two quick questions: