Error in uploading files to IPFS

Need help in uploading files to IPFS, please help me how to tackle error in the screen shot.
I am able to successfully execute:

  1. ipfs.init command
  2. can access localhost:5001/webui
  3. When I try to add a file through webui, it gives me a successful message but the daemon screen prompt gives error message saying ‘Error writing block to datastore’ after few seconds (as in the screen shot).

I am working on windows 7 for this task. Am I missing any step here?


Hey, This is a known issue. We arent sure what the actual cause is, but it might have something to do with indexing. See this bug report:

The running ‘solution’ is to move away from our flatfs datastore backend and start using badger. Badger support is still experimental and in progress. (there is a bug in our badger code in the 0.4.12 release which will be fixed soon in an 0.4.13 release soon).