Cannot resolve symbol "ipfs' in Android

Hello,i asked this on SO rarlier today, but no answer and i am kinda in a hurry.Well i imported dependecies in my implementation 'com.github.ipfs:java-ipfs-http-client:v1.3.3' and tried with

implementation group: 'com.github.ipfs', name: 'java-ipfs-http-client', version: 'v1.3.3'

but when try to import library in m code like this 
import io.ipfs.api.IPFS;
import io.ipfs.api.MerkleNode;
import io.ipfs.api.NamedStreamable;
import io.ipfs.multiaddr.MultiAddress;

i got error Cannot resolve symbol "ipfs’ .Any help?Tip?Anything? I never used maven so that is why i prefer using gradle,but it should be the same thing…

EDIT: By mistake i asked this in HELP so i delete it and transfer it here

I’m pretty sure that Java project was abandoned about 2 years ago. Truthfully you don’t really need it though, because the http api is just a RESTful service.

The way I have things setup is by running the GO-IPFS in a docker container and then connecting via HTTP. DM me if you want to see my Java code. It’s not super clean code but will give you enough hints to get started.