Ipfs-java API issue

I am curious about how to know that ipfs daemon is running in java code?
is there any interface availble in java-API?

As a basic health check you can fetch a list of swarm peers
(Swarm#peers() or http://localhost:5001/api/v0/swarm/peers)

  • if request fails, then your IPFS node is offline
  • if it succeeded, but peer count is equal 0, then you have problem with reaching the network, otherwise everything is OK

User-friendly reference for HTTP API : http://docs.ipfs.apiary.io

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you can see that : https://github.com/ipfs/java-ipfs-api

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When you create an instance using the the java api that @josselinchevalay linked to, e.g.
new IPFS("/ip4/");
it will try and contact the ipfs daemon to verify the version is supported. If it can’t reach it, then an exception is thrown.

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tnx a lot bro,got it

tnx, it is very useable

Hello guys, I am having an issue to use the Ipfs java api.
the daemon is executed and everything seems good. but when I try to instantiate the ipfs i fall into the exception io


maybe you have missing import try to add that import io.ipfs.multiaddr.MultiAddress; and check this class.


Thanks for reply ,
it was exactly what is missing , I add the libraries multihash, multibase, multiaddr, cid , hams etc…
run successfully .