Current state of Java support

Does anyone have any insight to the current state of support for Java with IPFS. From what I’ve been able to gather there’s java-ipfs-http-client which is a wrapper around the IPFS rest api, jvm-ipfs-daemon which is a little confusing because it’s not a java daemon but a tool that downloads the go daemon and runs it. There’s also the libp2p Java (Kotlin) implementation but it appears dormant. Does anyone know if this is still being worked on?

I’m looking for something like the .Net net-ipfs-engine but for Java. It seems like the closest to getting there would be either to port over the net-ipfs-engine or to complete the libp2p impementation and buld out the IPFS support there.

Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.

I think sweet-ipfs is what I’ve been looking for. jvm-lib-p2p looks promising although it’s hard to tell what the status is. From the README it appears as if all the 0.x tasks are complete but the latest release is 0.2.