Gateway problem


I want to host a website using IPFS on my raspberry Pi and i have a huge problem. I can install it, daemon runs, swarm peers works. But when i upload a photo or a file i cant even open it by my browser, even by gateway.ipfs or Help me. Where is a problem? Is it in firewall? I changed in config file gateway to… Please help

Welcome to the IPFS forum!

Which model are you using? IPFS needs disk IO and a decent amount of RAM (some CPU also always helps), which most models have in very short supply.

Are you trying to retrieve it through your local gateway on the node you added the file to? This shouldn’t have anything to do with your connectivity to other nodes.

How many peers is your node connected to? ipfs swarm peers | wc -l

Possibly. Is UPnP enabled on your router or is your daemon port (default is 4001) open?

I am using version 3B+ 1 GB ram. When i open it local it works but doesnt work and gateway.ipfs so i can’t send it to web and open it. i can’t show you screen from swarm peers right now but there is very much lines. Yes UpnP is enabled and 4001 port is enabled also at Raspberry, should i change something on my router?