Can't access file using HTTP Gateway

I ran ipfs daemon and added simple text file with contents as SAMPLE CONTENTS IN THIS IPFS FILE. Generated hash is QmYgjkSxZUYtEezqp8YHDnzXHAoaT6yjshjc68PSdUnrMr. Why can’t I access this file through this address in browser

I can easily see in my browser when I type in address http://localhost:8080/ipfs/QmYgjkSxZUYtEezqp8YHDnzXHAoaT6yjshjc68PSdUnrMr

Both daemon and ipfs version installed on my machine are 0.4.18. What wrong I am doing here?

Is this topic similar? Problem acessing my own files through the public gateway

Let m know I’d connecting directly solves the case!

Yes. I just posted a question in other thread. Will appreciate your help.

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