IPFS INFURA - Manually upload file

I simply want to manually upload small file to infura without any dapp or through any kind of script. Is it possible? Can anyone show me an example?

With INFURA this is not possible as it expects to be used as an API.

If you’re purely just looking to upload content to IPFS from a web browser without having to make API calls and whatnot you can take a look at https://temporal.cloud

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Thanks. I am still baffling with the question that won’t my private node becomes gateway once I start ipfs daemon? Reason I am asking because of below problem I m facing.

I ran ipfs daemon and added simple text file with contents as SAMPLE CONTENTS IN THIS IPFS FILE. Generated hash is QmYgjkSxZUYtEezqp8YHDnzXHAoaT6yjshjc68PSdUnrMr. Why can’t I access this file through this address in browser http://gateway.ipfs.io/ipfs/QmYgjkSxZUYtEezqp8YHDnzXHAoaT6yjshjc68PSdUnrMr1

I can easily see in my browser when I type in address http://localhost:8080/ipfs/QmYgjkSxZUYtEezqp8YHDnzXHAoaT6yjshjc68PSdUnrMr

Both daemon and ipfs version installed on my machine are 0.4.18. What wrong I am doing here?

Either the gateway can’t find your node due to port forwarding issues, or you just didn’t give the gateway enough time to find your files. I’ve had it take 10 minutes or so for public gateways to discover content.

I noticed there’s an extra number at the end of the gateway URL. In any case, http://gateway.ipfs.io/ipfs/QmYgjkSxZUYtEezqp8YHDnzXHAoaT6yjshjc68PSdUnrMr1 resolves:

invalid ipfs path: selected encoding not supported

and http://gateway.ipfs.io/ipfs/QmYgjkSxZUYtEezqp8YHDnzXHAoaT6yjshjc68PSdUnrMr is a 504 timeout.

Did you run this command to pin your content?:

ipfs add QmYgjkSxZUYtEezqp8YHDnzXHAoaT6yjshjc68PSdUnrMr

No I haven’t. I only used ipfs add myfilename to add the file first time and I thought pin is true by default during add command. I will try adding hash again. All I want to see my file contents through


I was not expecting much from the command ipfs add QmYgjkSxZUYtEezqp8YHDnzXHAoaT6yjshjc68PSdUnrMr as I am getting below error. I was expecting this error, but I still wanted to desperately try

Error: FindFirstFile QmYgjkSxZUYtEezqp8YHDnzXHAoaT6yjshjc68PSdUnrMr: The system cannot find the file specified.