Public IPFS Gateway with add / upload option

Hi all,

Is there a list of public gateways where we can add a file without an account/api key. Currently I only know . But I am curious if there are some alternatives as well.


Many public gateways self list on github, and can be found here:

All of these are independently run nodes. There is no guarantee of data availability or longevity. There also may be bandwidth limiting rules in place on any given public gateway. For the most part, the public gateways are for test purposes… Please do not abuse them.

Hi @ipfsme Thank you. It is an interesting list, but unfortunately it isn’t showing if it also allows file adding. Because most gateways are read only I am looking to a list like this, but with info/filter if adding a file is allowed.

I’ve often wondered why there wasn’t a pub/sub topic where gateways could announce themselves. I realize that there is a chicken and egg problem. Why would you do that? If you need a gateway it’s because you’re not on IPFS and if you’re not on IPFS how could you subscribe to the topic and get the list.

You could use it to power a web page that lists available gateways or a service that monitors gateways and returns an appropriate gateway based on location, bandwidth, reliability, etc.

See or

Hello Hector, thank you. But as posted I am looking for gateways “without an account/api key” such as infura.

What is the difference? You upload to and get your content through the gateway. It is the same as uploading to the gateway. The gateways are peered to and pinata. For all I know Infura is the same.

Hi @hector ,

We use the gateway(s) in a client side javascript , which means the user of the webapp has access to API keys in the source when they are used. Also an account is mostly limited to the amount of free storage parties such as and pinata provide.
Because we don’t need an account at we don’t have to deals with this. So that is the reason why I am looking to similar gateways.

Ideally the user of the clientside webapp would have its own IPFS node. We tried to build the webapp for clients with IPFS node build in the browser such as Brave, but found out that due CORS security feature it couldn’t be used. Another helpful person at told me a node can be run in the browser by ipfs-core - npm , but we were not able to get a simple hello world for writing (and reading) yet. So in the meantime till we found a solution we will use gateways for Files · QA · iPaste / iPaste · GitLab