IPFS not working today ("Add files" not available in Webui)?

Any issues in IPFS webui today?. I’m unable to find “Add files”.
Also i’m unable to find any files using the hash link (waiting for cache / ipfs.io) and received 504 Gateway time-out

Please let me know. I’m experimenting for private network and i need to complete my research today

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Can you describe exactly what you’re trying to do more clearly? If you are using a private network to add files, then accessing that private content from the public ipfs.io gateway seems like it wouldn’t work by design…

My very first document added in ipfs only I can able to retrieve till now. Whereas any document after that I’m able to add but unable to retrieve from anywhere including from the same peer. This is particularly for public network.
Then I changed to private by sharing swarm key and did the experiment, but failed. May be your answer is right for private. However you may guide me what should I do for retrieve in private network.

Also I need the reason for why in public network one document is accessible and another is not accessible. Please revert. Thanks

Addition to the below, i would like to know the pricing for IPFS in case of i use it as a private network

IPFS is a free and open protocol - using the software itself is free. However you still need a strategy to persist content that you are adding to the network. If you already have hardware that you can run an IPFS node on (like your personal computer/internet), there aren’t additional costs over normal bandwidth usage - however you can also explore other hosting options like Pinata (https://pinata.cloud/), Infura (https://infura.io/), etc.

Do you have a walkthrough or getting started guide you are following? Any other details about your exact steps to add a file to IPFS (are you using a go ipfs deamon? ipfs companion? ipfs desktop? something else?) and how you are trying to retrieve it (ex when trying to retrieve from the same peer). More info will help us pinpoint where any issue might lie and point you in the right direction!

Thanks Molly for your response.

Actually i installed IPFS 2 weeks before and experienced following challenges:

  1. I installed in two machines and created private network by creating Swarm key and sharing it with other machine. (No issues)
  2. Whereas when i add the document, i’m unable to retrieve the document from my machine itself. (However using get command i can able to find the document retrieved in my download folder.) --> Why i’m unable to retrieve the document using the link. Also shared to other machine and failed to retrieve.
  3. Even in public too i had problem like first file which i stored in IPFS is able to retrieve anytime even till date. But second document which i added unable to retrieve from anywhere.
  4. Similar exercise i did in my personal laptop and experience the same as like point no 3. Why?
  5. I was told there is a bug in this IPFS version and it will be fixed in the next version. If so when it will be released.
  6. Based on your confirmation i would like to take it up with my technology for experimenting and decide to implement the solution.
    Please let me know the status of IPFS. Is it developed completely or in continuous development or only enhancements.

IPFS is under active development - so you should see great new features and improvements with each release.

Without knowing the exact commands you are using in step 1 vs step 2 I can’t help you debug why one works and one doesn’t. Is the document different? Is the command you are using to access it different?

There was an annoying bug in 4.20 for adding multiple files at the same time fixed in https://github.com/ipfs/go-ipfs/pull/6255 rolling out with the upcoming release.

I just now added this document in a private network. But unable to access using “https://ipfs.io/ipfs/…”
Please let me know what is the process to be followed in case of setting a private network between two local machines. It will be very appreciable if detailed enough. Thanks.

Check out this great explainer and guide by Matt that talks about how to directly connect two nodes instead of using the gateway or the DHT. https://medium.com/pinata/speeding-up-ipfs-pinning-through-swarm-connections-b509b1471986

Hi Molly,

Is it possible to have a private IPFS network between two / three entities without any fees / charges.
so that i can control within the network whom should store what data.