CID persistence

Hi all!

Could you please provide a couple of links to research about persistence issues and content identification by IPFS CID? Of course, if these researches are existed.


could you explain a bit your issues with CID persistence ? what do you mean by issue with that ?


@josselinchevalay at first, the possibility of CID collision on different content. Then the persistence of given CID for the entity (the Unix directory) when the corresponding data are not available in the network or at least on the given cluster.

I am performing investigation for possible application of IPFS CID mechanism for high-performance persistent identifying of the datasets with integrated links.

i think with your response is more explicit to some person give some ressource about that thx a lot.

OK, so if there are not reliable resources, I will place my own results in the community once I would find something.

sure awesome ! it’s good idea to share your finding about that :bowing_man: