Configure a private network

Hi everybody,

since I am trying to implement a private network with IPFS and I do not get it running, I wanted to open a new topic. It shall be designed more as a chronological procedure, to get a rough interview how to start for beginners.

What I want to do, is to set up a 3-node private network of docker based running IPFS nodes. I really tried hard to follow all sources I found on the web, but there is no chance I am going to get it running.

Does anybody already did set up a private network and can provide me with some detailed information how to get there?

Have you already seen this documentation?

Oh yeah, I did and it seems like I just did it. I got my private network running (I think - no error messages and the right peers apear in my ipfs swarm peers command overview.

So, what I did is:

  1. got docker containers running based on the ipfs/go-ipfs image
  2. removed the bootstrap nodes by ipfs bootstrap rm --all
  3. added peer A to peer B by using ipfs bootstrap add <multiaddr of A> and the other way around
  4. added LIBP2P_FORCE_PNET=1 to the docker ENV variables
  5. restart

And it seems like both of the nodes are connected now. Can anybody approve my approach? I will collect all my experiences in working with IPFS to provide a proper tutorial/how-to like info source when time comes.