How to deploy my own test IPFS network?

Can anyone shine a light on how to deploy my own test IPFS network, just like Ethereum test network does to Ethereum main network?

In Ethereum, you just need to init the node with specified id/network id in genesis.json file. Is there same way of provision file in IPFS?


i forget so you have a flag to define your daemon not connect at external


If you want to set up a private network, there are details on how to do that here:

what if the origin request is to create some isolated network other than universe ipfs network? like in ethereum, there’s some test network which is deployed using different network id , etc.

A node in an IPFS private network cannot connect to the public IPFS network (or any node without the private key).

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thanks for the responsive reply! that does help to my confusion.
plus, I’m wondering if we just want to deploy a test network in lab, and we just want to verify features of the public branch code of IPFS, is that possible? Say by modifying the code to use different port/protocol the node communicate with each other. Sure it can, but is there any easiest work to do; after all, we just want to test the ipfs network in an isolate way.
thanks in advance.

If you mean just using IPFS in a physically or logically isolated network, that should work fine. IPFS nodes will automatically try to find and connect to nodes on the same LAN. If you’d like to set up your own bootstrap nodes you can also do that by just choosing one node to act as the bootstrap node and specifying it in the config of the other nodes – thought that might not be necessary if they’re on the same LAN.

You could also try to remove all of the default bootstrap nodes from all of your nodes and only specify your own bootstrap nodes, but it’s not guaranteed they won’t find a way to connect to nodes outside of your test network if they can connect to the internet. I’m not sure how they’d be able to, but without using the private network functionality there aren’t any hard stops.