Connection with Mongo DB

I am currently working on a doctor appointment booking app and could really use some guidance and insights from the community regarding an integration challenge I am facing.

To provide some context, my goal is to develop an app that streamlines the appointment booking process for patients. I have decided to leverage the benefits of decentralized storage by utilizing IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) to store the user appointment data. Meanwhile, I am using MongoDB to store doctors’ and patients’ information, including email, name, and other relevant details.

The challenge I am facing is how to connect the IPFS hash address, which represents the stored appointment data, with MongoDB without compromising the decentralized nature of the data. If I simply store the hash address in MongoDB, it would introduce centralization and undermine the advantages of using IPFS.

Therefore, I am reaching out to the community to seek your guidance and expertise on this matter. If any of you have experience integrating IPFS with MongoDB or have insights into maintaining decentralization while leveraging MongoDB’s capabilities for efficient data retrieval and management, I would greatly appreciate your input.

Please share any best practices, recommended approaches, or design patterns that could help me address this challenge effectively. Your expertise and contributions will play a crucial role in the success of my project.