Ipfs with flask

how to retrieve data from html forms and send that to ipfs using python flask??

I don’t understand what you mean, for a given input what should we retrieve from IPFS? The form would send to Flask something like ‘file_hash=e8A3m…’ and Flask would download the file and send it back to the user am I right?

Hi! Thanks for replying.Let me explain it to u…Suppose i have a login page with fields like user id, username,password etc…I am passing this data to flask. Now i want this data to be added to ipfs and store its hash in my private blockchain …Is this possible and if yes how?

I don’t get the point of a private blockchain, if you want something private and centralized you might as well use directly a centralized database. For me the philosophy of a blockchain is to be decentralized and public so if you have sensitive data like username and passwords you should either store it on a centralized server like I said, or store it encrypted on a public distributed network (blockchain, IPFS, …).